Featured Industrial Projects

Humboldt Bay Power Plant

HBPP, one of the first commercial nuclear power plants to be decommissioned in the country, has presented numerous engineering challenges and has set the "gold standard" for future decommissioning projects.

Unit 3 at HBPP was the first privately funded nuclear power plant in the United States, operating under Atomic Energy Commission license #7 from 1963 to 1976.  Due to its cutting edge design, it has presented many unique engineering challenges not present in modern nuclear power plants, including the very unusual 60-ft diameter caisson buried 80 feet below grade and close to an active fault line.

Whitchurch Engineering has acted as Civil Engineering Lead for the PG&E decommissioning project since 2009.


Pacific Lumber Company Sawmill

Cost-saving foundation and structural design.

Whitchurch Engineering designed additional foundation points for the bridge crane. Additionally, WEI designed the foundation for a new shop and maintenance building and performed inspections of foundations and high strength bolts.

Cellular Towers for Edge Wireless

Multiple cell towers were installed on sites across the rural northwest, providing service to Mendocino, Lake, and Humboldt counties.

Whitchurch Engineering provided foundation design, access road design, retaining wall design, soils reports, and geological hazard investigations for the cell tower locations. The towers are now part of the nationwide AT&T network.