During the five years onsite at the Humboldt Bay Power Plant, WEI has been involved with many important projects that have been vital to the success of the decommissioning project. Below are a few examples:

1.  Major Structural Projects WEI has performed or are performing:

  • Hole in Condenser Bay concrete roof for commodity removal. New timber roof replacement.
  • New timber roof and walls for Turbine Building
  • Valve Gallery isolation wall and roof
  • Containment structure for RPV removal
  • DOT 7A package design for lower reactor head
  • Package design for reactor segments
  • Holes in concrete walls throughout the RCA for commodity removal or new access.

2.  New major structures. WEI has acted as the lead for the following new structures:

  • Count Room
  • RCA Entrance
  • Waste Management Facility
  • RUBB Tent

3.  Coordination with the County of Humboldt:

  • Obtain county building permits for trailers
  • Flood certificate, soils report, and plot plan in addition to the standard PSE for the project
  • For this location (within Coastal Zone) PSE must meet stringent environmental requirements and must be ADA compliant.

4.  Road and Drainage upgrades.  Again took most projects from conception through final including obtaining County of Humboldt grading permits and performing county required inspections.

5.  Circ water pipe removal. A portion of this pipe needed to be removed prior to construction of the new 60 KV switchyard. This switchyard is a vital infrastructure link to the north coast of California. WEI engineer, Jeff Laikam PE, started as engineering lead and acted as the project manager. The removal of this pipe had several complications such as rerouting the fireline, removal of various transite piping, duct bank, and significant groundwater intrusion. Mr. Laikam was able to get this project done on time and within budget so that the switchyard project was not affected.

6.  Portal Monitor System.

  • Met with stakeholders to determine requirements.
  • After buyoff from stakeholders, WEI prepared PSE for bid along with HBPP’s required documents and obtained County of Humboldt building permit.
  • Oversaw the civil aspects of project from conception to final.

Currently WEI has 13 badged personnel who work full time at HBPP. WEI has 4 badged engineers who work part time on HBPP projects in the Fortuna office.