Lisa Whitchurch


Lisa oversees the complete corporate operations of WEI, setting the strategy and vision for the company.

Leonard Whitchurch, MS, PE

Vice President/CFO

Leonard is the Principal Engineer and Civil/Structural Engineering Manager for the HBPP Nuclear Decommissioning Project.

Darren Tully, PE

Senior Engineering Manager - Branch Office

Darren oversees home office and branch location managers and provides project management for civil design.

Jeff Laikam, PE

Engineering Manager - Home Office

Jeff oversees home office engineering staff and provides project management for civil design.


Terry O'Reilly, PE

Senior Civil Engineer

Michael Gent, PE

Senior Civil Engineer

Aaron Bennet, PE, ME

Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer

Jeff Hinton, PE

Civil Engineer

Derek Long, PE

Civil Engineer

Ryan Cameron, MS, PE

Associate Engineer

Brett Whitchurch, MS, PE

Project Engineer - Structural

Leonard Cox

Licensed Architect

Zach Johnson, EIT

Project Engineer

Ben Adams, EIT

Project Engineer

Flynn Manetta-Tomlinson, EIT

Project Engineer

Eric Allen, EIT

Project Engineer - Mechanical

Ruben Ochoa, EIT

Project Engineer - Structural

Nick Notthoff, EIT

Project Engineer / Technology Coordinator

Sean Dugle


Support Staff

Chris Duncan Business Manager
Julie Martin Office Manager, Marketing Coordinator
Miranda Rayl Office Administration
Neil Griffis Engineering Technician
Corey Wilkinson Financial Manager
Chad Pasquini Certified Building Official

Certifications and Associations