Residential Projects

Homes and Subdivisions

WEI has extensive experience with all aspects of design/permitting/inspections for individual homeowners and contractors.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls prevent soil from sliding into developed areas, and free up space on hilly lots.

Though short retaining walls are simple enough to make from stacked blocks, careful design is required for walls of any significant height. Retaining walls are designed to withstand immense soil pressures while allowing for drainage. WEI has designed many retaining walls for both residential and commercial projects.

Soils Investigations and Reports

Whitchurch Engineering has generated soils reports for residential projects across Humboldt County.

Soils reports are often required for projects involving grading/drainage plans, foundation design, and retaining walls. The results of a soils report dictate what kind of foundation design will be required to help mitigate sinking or erosion.

Wind Turbine

Whitchurch Engineering made it possible for a Eureka resident to install a freestanding wind turbine generator on their property.

WEI designed the tower base foundation and lateral force restraint system for the 25 foot tall wind turbine tower. Small wind turbines can provide more stability to off-grid electrical systems or feed renewable energy into the grid and reduce utility bills.

Certifications and Associations